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holiday foods

What Are The Healthiest Holiday Foods?

Making Healthy Holiday Food Choices It’s estimated that Americans gain at least one pound, and up to five pounds of weight, between Thanksgiving and New Years’.  Repeat that for a few years and we look less and less like our high school yearbook photo. But that doesn’t have to be the case if we learn what foods to embrace and what foods to avoid.  Here’s a list of both: Healthy Holiday Foods Cranberries The phytochemicals that impart the red color...
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holiday eating

Eat, Drink, and Shrink!

Foods to Avoid During the Holidays With Possible Substitutes Swedish meatballs – instead, try some cold cuts like ham or turkey EggNog – instead, try a cinnamon or other spiced tea Stuffed potatoes – instead, eat a regular baked potato or red potatoes Creamed spinach – instead, spinach without the cream or broccoli Pot Roast – instead, breast of turkey or sliced steak Fruitcake – instead, a fruit tart Pecan Pie – instead, a fruit tart Cheese Cake – instead,...
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