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The Health Benefits of Nuts + Roasted Nut Recipes

Nuts make nutritious snacks and are an excellent source of essential micro-nutrients. They are also a good source of each of the 3 macro-nutrients, containing large amounts of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fat. Nuts are have been linked to lower cholesterol, better heart health, weight control, and even lower cancer risk. Compared to people who avoid nuts, those who eat nuts on a regular basis also tend to have: Lower systolic blood pressure Fewer risk factors for metabolic syndrome...
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Arthritis and Obesity, a Debilitating Combination

Arthritis sufferers are 54% more likely to be obese than non-sufferers. Daily moderate exercise and cutting out fatty, sugary foods from the diet can benefit arthritis sufferers greatly. The number of states where 40% or more of arthritis sufferers were also obese, increased from ZERO in 2005, to 12 in 2009.
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Does Skipping Breakfast Increase Weight Gain & Diabetes?

While previous research has shown that skipping breakfast causes the brain to crave high calorie foods and can lead to weight gain rather than weight loss, new research completed at Harvard found that men who skip breakfast increase their chance of developing diabetes by over 20%. The elevated risk was even in men who were slim and healthy and ate fairly healthy diets. The study which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition followed over 15,000 men for...
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