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feverfew for migraines

Puracol Feverfew for Migraines – Superior Effectiveness

The herb Feverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium) has been recorded as a medicinal remedy for millennia.  One can find references to the Latin “febrefugia” from which Feverfew gets its name in Old Saxon records. Hildegard of Bingen, a great 12th century abbess and healer made mention of it in her herbal tomes. Febrefugia literally means “Fever flies,” and has always been used as a fever reducer among other purposes. In even more ancient times, the Greeks used Feverfew to treat melancholy which...
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Feverfew for Migraines – A Real Plus!

  Peter Rabbit’s mother was on to something when she put him to bed with a cup of wild chamomile tea after he had been into Mr. McGregor’s garden. People in the modern world often think of chamomile as a sleep or digestive aid. But wild chamomile is another name for the herb Feverfew. A tea of feverfew would not only have relaxed the hapless rabbit, but would also have routed his headache, calmed his upset tummy, put his mind...
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