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depression and anxiety

Depressed Woman

Migraines & Mood Could Lead to Depression & Anxiety

Migraine is very disabling, which takes a toll on mood which can lead to depression and anxiety. As if living with the debilitating pain and other disturbing symptoms of chronic migraine wasn’t enough, combine it with a psychiatric disorder and quality of life drastically declines for many migraineurs. Comorbidity means two chronic diseases or conditions existing simultaneously in a patient.  Chronic migraine is often comorbid with psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, and bipolar disorder....
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Man with hand on heart

How the Pandemic May Have Increased Your Heart Disease Risk

As yet another variant COVID-19 threatens the world with renewed restrictions and canceled flights, it’s starting to seem like this pandemic ‘ain’t over til it’s over.’ And now, after almost 2 years of battling with the coronavirus, we’re slowly starting to learn of the many consequences a worldwide pandemic can really have on the physical and mental health of the population. For one, we now know that at least one in five adults delayed or avoided seeking healthcare at the...
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