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Low Calorie & Zero Calorie Drinks – Are They Healthier?

Low Calorie or Zero Calorie Beverages… Are They Really Healthier Options? I have written many articles about just how fattening and unhealthy the sugary beverages that so many of us consume with our meals are. In an attempt to save calories, avoid the sugar and “do the right thing health wise” millions of people are switching to the low calorie or zero calorie drinks that line the shelves of our supermarkets. In order for sweet tasting drinks to have low...
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Does Diet Soda Increase Risk of Heart Attack & Stroke?

  DIET SODAS, ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS AND HEIGHTENED RISK OF HEART ATTACK AND STROKE AMONGST OLDER ADULTS We have written previously about the fact that the artificial sweetener, aspartame (NutraSweet and other brands) is an excite-toxin and can literally kill brain cells. We have reported on another study that showed that people consuming diet sodas did not lose weight. And now, yet another study reports an increased risk of heart attack and strokes amongst older, daily diet soda users. The results...
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