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Recent Study Supports Link Between Migraines and Depression

Dr. Marc Siegel and Dr. David Samadi weighed in on Fox News Live this morning regarding a recent study that supports a connection between migraines and depression.  He stated, “90% of all headaches we have are migraines. It’s a very good study but we don’t know if it’s the fact that you have migraines that make you depressed… maybe your lifestyle changes, maybe it’s intractable, because you are so bothered by the headaches.  Or is there something that the migraine...
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Hypothermia: Symptoms and Treatment

Hypothermia another threat to Japan's earthquake victims results from a severe drop in body temperature. Know the symptoms of hypothermia and best treatment. If someone has hypothermia you must know how to properly bring their body temperature back to normal. Hypothermia can be life threatening if left untreated.
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How to Protect Yourself Against Nuclear Radiation

To prevent our thyroids from absorbing the radioactive iodine in the air, it is recommended to take the supplement Potassium Iodide. This non-radioactive source of iodine will saturate the thyroid with healthy iodine and prevent the absorption of the radioactive iodine which can destroy the thyroid and/or cause thyroid cancer.
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