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Welcome Nurse Practitioners Welcome Nurse Practitioners

Welcome Nurse Practitioners

Thank you for visiting and taking a few moments to learn about MigreLief for migraines!

3 Daily Maintenance Formulas

MigreLief Original  (teen – adult)
Children’s MigreLief  (age 2 – 12)
MigreLief+M  (menstrual migraines)

MigreLief’s daily maintenance formulas are designed to address the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that many migraine sufferers have in common, and provide nutritional support for maintaining normal cerebrovascular function. For this reason we recommend taking MigreLief daily for 90 days to (even though many people have reported successful results in under 1 month).

As Needed Formula

In addition to the 3 daily formulas, MigreLief-NOW is our faster acting nutritional formula designed to be taken “as-needed” when a migraine or headache occurs.

MigreLief-NOW  (age 2 – adult)

MigreLief-NOW is a non-prescription nutritional supplement that provides fast acting nutritional support to migraine and headache sufferers when they need it most, NOW!


Too many children, teens, and adults are suffering with chronic migraine, and are looking for answers… let them know about MIGRELIEF!

Wholesale accounts are also available. Apply here.