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Riboflavin for Migraine Sufferers

Multiple studies have demonstrated that high dose riboflavin is extremely beneficial for migraine sufferers, both adults, and children. WHAT IS RIBOFLAVIN? Riboflavin is also known as Vitamin B-2, is an...

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migraine brain
The Science of MigreLief Supplements for Migraine Sufferers

Magnesium, Riboflavin and Puracol® Feverfew – Triple Therapy for Migraine Sufferers Migraine is a neurological disease with symptoms ranging from severe head pain, visual disturbances, vertigo, nausea, and sensitivity to...

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Help for Kids with Abdominal Migraine
Abdominal Migraine in Children – Safe Options

Abdominal migraine is one of the most common causes of abdominal pain in children and is becoming more frequently diagnosed in adults. Although the pain will come and go, it...

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Holiday Stress – Tis the Season for Migraines

Winter holidays are the most festive occasions of the year, providing an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. They can also lead to an onslaught of responsibilities and chores;...

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link between MS and migraine
MS and Migraine: Is There Really a Connection?

When most people think of MS, migraine usually doesn’t come to mind. Yet, research shows that patients with MS are far more likely to experience migraine than the average person....

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Weight Loss
Nutritional Supplement for Menstrual Migraine Sufferers Could Super-Charge Weight Loss

Super Charge Your Weight Loss Efforts – Nutritional Supplement for Migraine Sufferers Has Additional Benefits Dieting and exercising but still can’t lose weight?  Hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance could be...

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Avoid Labor Day Migraines | Summer’s Last Hurrah | Sept 2022

Summer doesn’t officially end until midnight September 22 but if you are planning to hit the road for one last fun in the sun hurrah, take safety precautions; tell someone...

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migraine hangovers
Migraine Hangover: What It Feels Like & How to Ease Symptoms

You did it. You survived your migraine attack. Your headache pain is gone, the dizziness has faded away, and you’re ready to exit your dark, quiet cave and start living...

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menstrual migraine woman with cramps
Act Now Before Your Menstrual Migraines Become Chronic Migraines

Migraines that start around the menstrual cycle can often become chronic.  Don’t wait for that to happen.  Do not let menstrual migraines become chronic migraines! Studies show menstrual migraines are often...

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Can Brain Freeze (Ice Cream Headache) Stop a Migraine?

There is nothing like a big slushy or a double-scoop ice-cream cone on a hot summer day. But then it hits you: an excruciating headache that feels like you are...

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Kids walking back to school
Avoid Back to School Migraines | Guide for Parents & Students

Back to school time can literally mean headaches for kids as they adjust from a relaxing summer vacation schedule to a more stringent daily routine. Everybody knows that going back...

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Child with migraine
Migraine Headaches in Children – MigreLief Turning Frowns Upside Down

Parents Choose Children’s MigreLief Children’s MigreLief  is a gentle, and effective nutritional option for pediatric migraine sufferers ages 2-12. It is a the same effective “daily formula” as Original MigreLief...

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