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Avoiding Spring Migraines & Headaches

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Springtime brings change

It is a hopeful season transforming cold to warm, darkness to light, and grey to color as nature springs back to life everywhere. The brain of migraineurs however, likes consistency.  Even subtle changes in light, air-pressure, temperature, humidity, and fragrances that don’t affect anyone else can have devastating effects on migraine sufferers.

Weather changes almost inevitably cause variations in atmospheric pressure and headaches or migraines that are caused by or affected by changes in the weather are often called barometric or pressure headaches or migraines. You can treat a barometric pressure headache like other types of headaches. Take and over-the-counter medication or nutritional supplement option at the first sign of discomfort.  To prevent future barometric pressure migraines, become aware of air pressure changes and make simple lifestyle adjustments.

Beware of hotter days. A team of researchers at Harvard found that an increase in temperatures occurred 24 hours before increases in admissions to emergency rooms for treatment of migraines. There is not much a patient can do to control the weather or avoid warm temperatures or changes in barometric pressure, therefore it is important to be vigilant about managing other triggers such as sleep and diet. Avoid well known food triggers, and drastic changes in your sleep pattern if you can. It is also very important to stay well hydrated and to avoid strenuous outdoor activities or exercise during times of the day when it’s excessively warm or humid.
keep yourself hydrated


Spring is also allergy season, and for many people sinus or allergy headaches can lead to migraines.

Tips to avoid “Spring” migraines:

1. To avoid airborne allergens in your home, clean or change A/C filters
2. If you are allergy prone, make sure your allergy medications are handy.
3. With higher temperature, dehydration occurs even if we don’t feel dehydrated. Dehydration is a big cause of migraines. Drink lots of water
4. Stick with a sleep schedule, try to got to bed at the same time as much as possible and determine what number of hours is best for you. Both too little and too much sleep can increase migraine risk.
5. Light (photophobia) is a major contributor to migraine risk. Purchase a polarized, high grade pair of sunglasses and wear a hat with a brim to keep out even more light.
6. Be careful of new fragrances that you introduce not only in perfumes but moisturizers as well.

Follow these tips, use your MigreLief daily maintenance supplement, keep fast acting MigreLief-NOW (as-needed migraine formula)  on hand for emergencies, and enjoy the fun and beauty of Spring.

To the Best of Health,

Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.