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Dear Migraine Sufferer,

I know the impact that migraines have on your life. For the past 22 years I have lived with the pain, worry and fear that migraine attacks bring on. When my wife was still an adolescent, she was involved in an automobile accident and her head hit the windshield of the car and pretty from that day on chronic, painful migraines were a consistent part of her life.


We spent years hoping each migraine would not progress to the point where we had to go to the emergency room for her to get shot up with morphine and other very powerful drugs that we desperately wanted to avoid.


Even the prescription drugs that her headache specialists recommended had significant side effects. They would sometimes help the migraine pain to diminish or resolve only to find that her migraine would come back in a day or two. The more she used the drugs, the more rebound headaches she experienced, creating a vicious cycle of prescription drug use. This was unacceptable.

Being a chemist and researcher, I learned everything I could about migraines. It was clear:



The result of this research was my formulating and receiving two United States patents for a combination of three naturally occurring ingredients found in MigreLief that have since helped countless migraine sufferers avoid thousands upon thousands of migraines over the past 15 years and significantly decrease their reliance upon prescription medicines.


Read the unsolicited testimonials of migraine sufferers just like you on our Testimonials page and learn how you can join the ranks of men and women throughout the world, who have safely and effectively taken back control of their lives with MigreLief.


For years, migraine sufferers world wide have been reclaiming their lives with MigreLief. See our product information pages for non-prescription nutritional options guaranteed to make a difference in your life too.


We hope you join the MigreLief community and wish you a happy, pain-free life.

-Curt Hendrix M.S. C.C.N. C.N.S.