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Curt HendrixAs a scientist, Curt Hendrix holds advanced degrees in chemistry and clinical nutrition, and has dedicated his life to the research and development of innovative natural medicines. Curt’s research in the field of neurological disorders have resulted in grants from the US government’s National Institutes of Health for the study of Alzheimer’s and several U.S. patents, including a leading-edge effective nutritional supplement for migraine sufferers.

AKESO HEALTH SCIENCES’ MigreLief® line of products, featuring proprietary Puracol™, provide nutritional support for migraine sufferers and are recommended by neurologists, headache specialists and clinics nationwide.

Along with his unwavering commitment to helping people with chronic health issues, Curt’s understanding of the profound link between human biology and the chemistry found in nature has led to the Akeso line of condition specific formulas aimed at improving quality of life and making the world a better place.

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Recommended by doctors, the MigreLief line of products has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people experiencing migraines.



MigreLief® is created and distributed by Akeso Health Sciences

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