Women Try Not to Stare When Using This Information

July 19th, 2011

Recently, a study published in the Asian Journal of Medicine found that the length of a man’s erect penis was related to the ratio of the length of his index finger to his ring finger.

For decades statements about how well-endowed a man might be were said to be possibly related to his foot size and hand size, but in fact, there were no medical studies confirming these statements.

This study found that the smaller the index finger of a man’s right hand (the finger next to the thumb) was compared to the ring finger of the right hand, (the finger next to the pinky) the longer the erect penis length of the man.

To be clear, it was not the absolute length of the finger that determined erect penis length but the ratio of the length of the index to ring finger. The shorter the index finger looked when compared to the ring finger the larger the length of the male erection.

This indicates that even men with short fingers, had longer erections than men with long fingers whose index finger was the same size or larger than their ring finger.