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For Professionals

Healthcare Professionals
now have three alternative and complementary prophylaxis tools
for aiding patients with chronic migraines:

Chronic Migraine Prevention
  • MigreLief Original (Age 12-Adult)
  • MigreLief+M (Menstrual Migraines)
  • Children’s MigreLief (Age 2-11)


Magnesium – Riboflavin – Feverfew

All 3 ingredients are listed in the American Academy of Neurology’s Evidence Based Guidelines for Migraine Prophylaxis and clinically proven to lower the frequency and severity of migraines

Formulated to maintain normal cerebrovascular tone and function, MigreLief is aimed at reducing platelet aggregation and the production of pro-inflammatory mediators while addressing the underlying nutritional deficiencies that can cause migraines.

Clinical Trials – Case Studies – Mechanisms of Action


Healthcare Professional MigreLief Sample Program

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