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Possibly as Dangerous to Your Health as Smoking or Poor Diet… Over 50% of Adults Experience THIS Multiple Times a Week and Don’t Realize How Serious It May Be

If you were to ask 10 people what they thought the most important things they should do to maintain good long-term health, no doubt the vast majority would answer:

1.  Eat Healthy
2.  Maintain a Health Weight
3.  Exercise Regularly

Though there is no doubt all three of these statements are correct, the one response that is every bit as important as any of these three that few people would mention is:  Correct any SLEEP DISORDERS and get at least SIX or more hours of quality sleep most nights of the week.

 Many of the significant health benefits associated with doing Numbers 1, 2 and 3 can, in fact, be undone by chronic sleep disorders and depriving the body of what I refer to as “therapeutic sleep”.

What do I mean by “therapeutic sleep?”

Again, asking these same people why they think we need to sleep at all – most would say something like “our body needs to rest and refresh itself.”

While the general statement that the body needs to refresh itself is true, many parts of our body and bodily functions are not relaxing but are busy working hard to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves both physically, psychologically, cognitively and hormonally and enzymatically.

Possibly as dangerous to your health as smoking or poor diet… over 50% of adults do not get enough quality therapeutic sleep, and don’t realize how serious it may be.  Maintain good long-term health by getting at least six hours of quality sleep most nights of the week.


To the Best of Health,

Curt Hendrix, M.S. C.C.N. C.N.S.