Dear Dr. Gott: I read with great humor your column recently about fighting head lice with Miracle Whip. I can’t vouch for that natural rememdy, but I can tell you about another one that for me is equally “miraculous.”

My neurologist recommended a product for my migraines called MigreLief. It contains magnesium, vitamin B-2 and the herb feverfew. Supposedly, there are studies that show that all three of these simple ingredients work to reduce migraine frequency. All I can tell you is this combination works – for me, my mother and my sister. You might want to check this out for your readers.

DEAR READER: Although I am not familiar with this product, I am printing your letter in hopes that other readers may be helped by using it. Migraines can be very painful, and attacks may occur without warning. As always, I rely on readers’ experiences, so let me know, folks, if MigreLief works.