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Menstrual migraines that occur only monthly can progress into chronic migraines, therefore the time to address your migraines is now.

MigreLief+M contains the same triple therapy ingredients as Original Formula (Magnesium, Riboflavin (B-2) and Puracol Feverfew, plus 5 additional ingredients that help to regulate blood sugar and hormone fluctuations, a well known migraine trigger for many women.  (See label below)

Menstrual related migraine attacks are often more severe, last significantly longer, and are more resistant to treatment than the usual non-menstrual migraine attacks.


Patient/Consumer Feedback for MigreLief+M

~Where has this product been all my life? I’ve had migraines for years, since the onset of puberty and PCOS (for which the chasteberry is especially welcome). My only triggers seem to be hormones, stress, and weather. Now that I’m not hanging under the fog of a migraine (and the lowered IQ that comes with it), I can see how insidious my headaches had become. My migraines are non-traditional, with lots of aura, stupidity, and a desire for a dark cool room. I’ve had to miss a lot of work because of them. — K

~ Just thought you’d like to hear that the MigreLief + M has made a TOTAL difference in my migraines.   Thank you for making this lifestyle-saving (if not life saving!) supplement available! – – P

I have taken several different preparations for migraine prevention and I think this is one of the most effective I have found.  – – S.N. Brown, Colorado

~ This product arrived on Saturday. I’ve been taking it twice a day as directed, and the results have been quick and remarkable. No aura, no loss of cognition. I can function!  Thank god for my neurologist who recommended this to me. Nothing else has worked but this.  – – Ciannait

I’ve been taking this for about six months and have had great success but without any of the terrible side effects. – – J.W.

Suffered for many years with migraines, and used expensive prescription drugs weekly. I had so many headaches that I felt I was suffering from a nutritional deficiency. I searched the Internet for migraine information and found a few products that are actually vitamin supplements. I bought and tried them all, but I’ve had unbelievable results with this product. It has a magnesium base with a few common herbs. Easy to take and a lot less expensive than my prescriptions! I’m a firm believer in this product. – – M.L.

~ I have been taking this for about 4 months now and an thrilled!! I have been getting migraines ever since I can remember. Went to a headache clinic and was told which supplements could help. Took six different pills to meet the requirements until I discovered this formula. All the the items in one bottle. – – E.N.

MIGRELIEF+M INGREDIENTS  – For detailed description of each ingredient CLICK HERE  OR  BUY NOW

Label MigreLief+M

COMING SOON IN 2014 – MigreLief-XR – Fast Acting Migraine Supplement for Those Times You Need Help Now!


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