MigreLief Reviews and Feedback

July 30th, 2019


All I can say Is THANK YOU MigreLief~! I have been using your regular Migrelief for approximately 9 months now & the MigreLief -M for about 2 months I use both in combination (Approved by my Neurologist) & working with your advisers and it has been such a help along with my prescribed medication. I had Major surgery approx 2 months ago & had to stop all my Herbal medication & supplements< this included your product, 1 week before my surgery- WOW! all I can say Is I wanted to BASH my head into a brick wall or Take a Vice grip & squeeze my head until it popped… I was miserable, my migraines were horrible and there was nothing I could do, I couldn’t wait until my surgery was over so that I could take My MigreLief Tab… I took them with me to the hospital and as soon as I was allowed to have something to drink, I took them. I was so happy for the relief! Again, I say Thank YOU~!