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MigreLief Migraine Stick

Soothing and effective aromatherapy for neurological comfort

The MigreLief Migraine Stick is carefully formulated with only pure, organic essential oils known for their calming, soothing, and aromatherapy properties.

Peppermint [Mentha piperita]

Peppermint Essential Oil is uplifting and excellent for mental fatigue and feeling down. It refreshes the spirit and stimulates mental agility and improves concentration. Peppermint provides a cooling effect and enhances blood flow to the forehead.  It also helps with feelings of apathy, headache, migraine, nervous stress, vertigo, faintness, and supports nausea.

Spearmint [Mentha spicata]

Spearmint oil is best when your mind is tired and in need of stimulation and upliftment. It helps with headaches, migraines, nervous strain, fatigue and stress, as well as for respiratory tract and sinus support.

Lavender [Lavandula angustifolia]

Lavender Essential Oil has a soothing and calming effect on the nerves, relieving tension, feeling down, panic, and nervous exhaustion. In general, it is effective for headaches, migraines and difficulty sleeping. Also beneficial for nausea, muscular aches and pains, including those associated with sport.

Rosemary [Rosmarinus Officinalis]

Rosemary Essential Oil has a pronounced action on the brain and the central nervous system and is wonderful for clearing the mind and mental awareness, while having excellent brain stimulant properties, as well as improving memory. It helps with headaches, migraines, mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion. It also helps with poor circulation.

Jojoba is an ideal carrier for essential oils, particularly when oils are used topically because jojoba oil is similar to the skin’s natural oil. This similarity helps jojoba travel through the skin without clogging pores.