Dear MigreLief friends,

2012 was a wonderful year for MigreLief.  We received literally thousands of emotionally compelling, unsolicited testimonials, telling us how we have helped to “change their lives” or the “lives of one of their loved ones” from the painful and restrictive confines of chronic migraine headaches.

It’s a privilege to be in a business where every day we have the potential to help someone significantly improve the quality of their life.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for placing your trust in us and trying MIgreLief and for the thousands of you who have served as ambassadors for MigreLief and recommended it to your friends and family members who were also sufferers.

As you may know, MigreLief is a family business. We always try to have a concerned and knowledgeable staff member answer the phone and will not become one of the ever increasing  number of companies that think service can be provided by answering machines and recordings.  On the contrary, we enjoy speaking with you.  We enjoy hearing your questions and feedback and appreciate being able to earn your trust and your business.

We wish all of you the healthiest, happiest and most prosperous of New Years for 2013.



Curt Hendrix and the entire Hendrix family

OTC natural becoming the norm



The MigreLief collection of supplements was created by Akeso Health Sciences to help migraine sufferers of all ages. AKESO formulates world class dietary supplements that provide nutritional support for the most common health issues that concern people most, such as migraines, headaches, joint health, stress & anxiety, memory, sleeplessness, ADHD, and more. Changing lives is the reasons we wake up every day passionate about the special products we provide to our customers. Helping you to get well and stay well is our bottom line.