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Women’s Health

Does This PMS Make Me Look Fat?

Dieting and exercising – but still can’t lose weight? Hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance could be the culprits. Address the real problem and watch the pounds and bodyfat drop off! Healthcare practitioners often hear women complain that they do exercise and try to watch their diet but their weight loss is very slow or non-existent, and they even gain weight and body fat. How can this happen?  The answer is like the engine of a car, the body is a complex machine...
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Migraines Confer a Protective Effect Against Breast Cancer

Research published in 2009 indicates that women with migraine headaches have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. 4500 pre and postmenopausal women between the ages of 34-65 were studied and the results were that women with migraines regardless of their age of menopausal status had a 26% lower risk of having breast cancer. The researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center stated that they did not understand how migraines conferred their protective effect against breast cancer and further...
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