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Help for Migraine Sufferers… NOW!

April 11th, 2014


All New MigreLief- NOWMigreLief-NOW

An all new dietary supplement that can be taken AS NEEDED for fast acting cerebrovascular support during difficult times.

Unlike MigreLief Original Formula, MigreLief+M and Children’s MigreLief which are taken daily to keep you steadily on track maintaining normal cerebrovascular tone and function, MigreLief-NOW is taken for on-the-spot support when you need help… NOW!

MigreLief-NOW Facts

  • – OTC
  • – ClinicallyDocumented Ingredients
  • – Vegetarian/Kosher
  • – Safe and effective for Adults & Children over age 2

Not just for migraines…  It is so much more!


Triple benefits from Aflapin Boswellia, Cerevasc Ginger & Puracol Feverfew plus Magnesium

In addition to providing fast acting support to migraine sufferers, the ingredients in “NOW” have also been shown to:

  • – Help maintain healthy joint function
  • – Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels


MigreLief-NOW Ingredients
(Note:  Children between the age of 2-12 should take 1/2 the dose recommended below)


Ingredients in All New MigreLief NOW

 Time to get on with your life… NOW!

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MigreLief, el primer nombre en la prevención de la migraña, libera un complemento eficaz seguro y probado para los niños de todas las edades: MigreLief niños.

August 19th, 2013


natural migrane treatment for children Desde el MigreLief Niños comunicado de prensa en 2010, miles de niños han recuperado la calidad de vida con MigreLief. Si usted sabe de un niño que sufre migrañas crónicas, informarles de su alternativa natural a sufrir una vida de dolor.

Reimpresión Pulse MigreLief versión infantil, Iniciar Angeles, CA

Una de las cosas más difíciles para un padre que hacer es ver a sus hijos en el dolor. Sin embargo, cada día millones de padres tienen que ver con impotencia como sus hijos sufren de ataques debilitadores. Alrededor de uno de cada 10 niños, es decir, casi 8 millones de niños en los Estados Unidos solamente se ven afectados por lo que se ha convertido en el patrón más común de dolor de cabeza agudo y recurrente que sufren los niños hoy en día.

“Ya se trate de suplementos, medicamentos de venta libre o medicamentos con receta, MigreLief de los niños es el primer y único tratamiento desarrollado específicamente para niños que sufren de migraña”, explica Curt Hendrix MSCCN, SNC, científico y creador de MigreLief niños. Estas experiencias a menudo incapacitante huelga de repente y a menudo con síntomas que la acompañan de náuseas, dolor abdominal y vómitos. Hasta ahora, la única opción disponible es el uso de medicamentos de efectos secundarios receta propensos en realidad causar más migrañas, conocidas como cefaleas de rebote. Pero MigreLief niños ofrece a los padres de niños que sufren migrañas una opción nutricional seguro, sin ninguna de las potencialmente perjudiciales efectos secundarios de los medicamentos recetados.

Hendrix, explica, “no hay un medicamento con receta aprobado por la FDA para su uso por los niños que sufren de migrañas. Los efectos secundarios de estos medicamentos son importantes para los adultos y no una mayoría de los padres la opción que desea someter a un niño de. MigreLief de los niños es la solución perfecta … una vitamina, un mineral y una planta, todos ellos bien conocidos por su seguridad, eficacia y bajo los efectos secundarios para establecer la función vascular normal en lugar de toda la vida en el dolor y los medicamentos abortivos. ”

MigreLief contiene un sistema patentado de “terapia triple” para restablecer el tono normal y la función cerebral que se ve alterado en los niños que sufren de migrañas. Deficiencias nutricionales, la inflamación y el vasoespasmo puede de manera independiente y en conjunto contribuyen a la aparición de migraña, la frecuencia e intensidad. MigreLief niños contiene la misma “terapia triple” ingredientes como MigreLief pero con las dosis y tamaños de pastilla adaptarse a las necesidades de los niños.


Ingredientes de MigreLief; Puracol, una mezcla patentada de dos fuentes únicas matricaria, el magnesio a partir de dos fuentes y dosis alta, alta absorción de riboflavina (vitamina B-2) de forma independiente han demostrado ser de gran beneficio preventiva a los enfermos de migraña crónica.

MigreLief Niños – Edad 2-11  and MigreLief Original – Edad 12-adulto

migrana ninos - chronic migraine relief for kids

Riboflavin – Health Benefits & Migraine Prevention

July 19th, 2013

Migraine Ingredients MigreLief Riboflavin, Feverfew and MagnesiumMultiple studies have demonstrated that high dose riboflavin can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines in both adults and children.


Riboflavin also known as Vitamin B-2, is an essential nutrient required for life. One of the most important uses of riboflavin is that it helps in the production of energy in the body.  The vitamin is water soluble, which means the body cannot store it, but it is vital for red blood cell production and growth.

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins all interact with riboflavin when releasing energy for our bodies to use. Riboflavin also acts as an antioxidant which can prevent premature aging and chronic illness.

It’s naturally found in organ meats such as liver and kidney and in many vegetables, legumes, nuts and leafy greens like spinach. Some of the richest sources include calf liver, torula yeast and brewer’s yeast, while almonds, wheat germ and mushrooms, milk, cheddar cheese and eggs are also good sources.



– Riboflavin is involved in energy production in every cell.

– Riboflavin helps convert carbohydrates to sugar which acts as fuel to carry out bodily functions.  It is also critical to the breakdown of fats and proteins into energy your body can use. The enzymes involved in energy production do not function optimally without adequate riboflavin in the diet, which may lead to fatigue.

– Riboflavin is an excellent antioxidant which protects your body from free radical damage and aids in slowing the process of aging and many chronic diseases.

– Riboflavin is essential for the formation and proper functioning of fresh red blood cells. It interacts with iron which is used to synthesize hemoglobin (a major component of oxygen-carrying red blood cells.) Keeping hemoglobin levels high, helps your body to get the oxygen-rich blood necessary to perform the daily functions of life.

– Riboflavin is essential for the growth of healthy body tissue, including skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue. (One of the most common signs of riboflavin or vitamin B-2 deficiency is scaly, dry skin, cracked lips and lesions around the mouth.)

– Riboflavin ensures proper growth and healthy reproductive organs

– Riboflavin helps to maintain a healthy immune system by enhancing the natural immunity by strengthening the antibody reserves and by reinforcing the defense system against infections.

– Riboflavin protects the nervous system: Vitamin B2 can help in treating various nervous system conditions such as multiple sclerosis, anxiety and epilepsy.

– Riboflavin helps to prevents acne. It helps improve the mucus secretion of skin and might clean up the skin pustules.

– Riboflavin (B-2) also plays a major role in the functioning of the other B complex vitamins like vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Therefore, lack of riboflavin in the body can hinder the activity of other vitamins.

– Riboflavin is used in iron therapy for the treatment of sickle cell and iron deficiency anemia.

– Riboflavin may lower the risk of cataract in people.

– Riboflavin helps in the repair of tissue, healing and infection

– Riboflavin assists in regulating thyroid activity.

– Riboflavin helps prevent conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, acne, and migraines.


Image Mother - Daughter - New Life MigreLief for MigrainesRIBOFLAVIN  &  MIGRAINE PREVENTION

Riboflavin/B-2 metabolites such as Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide or “FAD” are co-factors in the Krebs Cycle that produces energy. This coenzyme is an important component of the electron-transport chain.   This is crucial because a deficiency of mitrochondrial energy reserves has been observed in migraine sufferers and many people exhibiting poor cerebrovascular tone.  Furthermore, migraineurs experience significant mitochondrial energy deficiencies prior to a migraine.  Replenishing them with high dose ribolavin helps to avoid migraines.

Note: “Flavin” refers to any of a group of yellow nitrogen-containing pigments, as riboflavin, that function as coenzymes. Because the vitamin riboflavin is water soluble and not stored in the body, excess riboflavin not utilized by cells in the body is safely eliminated through the urine causing it to turn yellow.

MigreLief provides 400mg of Riboflavin, which is significantly higher than most multi-vitamins or B-complex products.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that high dose riboflavin can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines in both adults and children.  While women suffer migraine attacks three times more than men, both men and women equally benefit from riboflavin treatment.

The Journal of Headache & Pain reported on  the results of a study; Riboflavin Prophylaxis in Pediatric and Adolescent Migraine,  “… In conclusion, riboflavin seems to be a well-tolerated, effective, and low-cost prophylactic treatment in children and adolescents suffering from migraine.”

(J Headache Pain. 2009 Oct;10(5):361-5. Epub 2009 Aug 1. – Riboflavin prophylaxis in pediatric and adolescent migraine – Condò M, Posar A, Arbizzani A, Parmeggiani A, Department of Neurological Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.)


Riboflavin – Magnesium – Fevefew

Nutritional deficiencies, inflammation and vasospasms can independantly and togehter contribute to migraines occurring.  While riboflavin can be effective at reducing migraine attacks, combining riboflavin with magnesium and feverfew provides three mechanisms of action, each working independently and together in a triple therapy approach to battling migraine disorder.  All 3 are listed in the “American Academy of Neurology’s Evidence Based Guidelines For Migraine Prevention
(Superior Efficacy of Puracol Feverfew™)  (Magnesium Helps with Much More than Migraines

In fact, a 2003 study in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association noted that using riboflavin in combination with feverfew and magnesium, helps to maintain normal cerebrovascular function aiding the blood to flow more properly in the brain. When the blood is flowing the way it should, it can prevent sudden spasms and decrease inflammation, resulting in the prevention of migraines.

MigreLief – Triple Therapy with Puracol

Magnesium Feverfew and B2 Riboflavin for my Chronic Migraines

Making a difference in the lives of migraine sufferers worldwide since 1996, MigreLief  Triple Therapy with Puracol™ comes in 3 formulas to meet everyone’s needs;  Original, Childrens (age 2-11) and +M (menstrual/hormonal migraines.)  Visit for more information.

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Cindy McCain’s Long Battle with Migraine Disorder Inspires 36 Million Migraine Campaign

July 2nd, 2013

MigreLief for Migraine Relief & Cindy McCainCindy McCain, who has suffered from migraines for more than 20 years recently launched the “36 Million Migraine Campaign” on the TODAY show.  This is an effort by the American Migraine Foundation to raise $1 for each of the 36 million Americans suffering  migraines.

In an interview on TODAY, Mrs. McCain,  wife of Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, described her migraines as a vise or nail in her forehead, stating “It’s indescribable to those who have never suffered.”  Commenting on the urgent need to raise more money for migraines, which affect 12% of US citizens, Mrs. McCain  stated, “It affects our economy. It affects our daily life. It affects our school children. Everything is involved in this.”

McCain said she suffered headaches during her husband’s 2008 presidential bid, as evidenced by the sunglasses she was often photographed wearing. “That’s when it was happening, big time,” she said. “That was the sign.”   She acknowledged her migraines in some circles in the past, but found most people didn’t get the severity of the disorder — a problem she calls the “stigma” of migraine sufferers

The pain of migraine is hardest on family members, who often don’t get just how bad it feels. “They want so much for you to feel well and they don’t understand it,” McCain said.

More than 15 genetic mutations have been identified that leave people susceptible to migraines.

For more information on the 36 million migraine campaign, please visit the official page at






Nutritional Migraine Supplement for Long Term Migraine Relief – READ MORE

JUNE is Migraine Awareness Month… Children Get Chronic Migraines Too! Pediatric Migraine Facts:

May 28th, 2013

2013 Migraine Awareness Month - Children with Migraines

Many people don’t know that children also get migraines.  Every day millions of parents watch helplessly as their children suffer from debilitating migraine attacks.

Migraines in children often go undiagnosed because unlike adults, children can not easily communicate to their parents or physicians just what type of symptoms they’re experiencing.

Many times they’re too young to articulate what they’re feeling so migraines go untreated for a long time.  In many cases crying, lack of focus  and symptoms of depression are attributed to things other than the actual problem.

Fortunately children who suffer chronic migraines are great candidates for prevention.


Migraines interfere with all aspects of a child’s life, cause permanent changes in the brain, and can lead to increased risk of depression.  Because it can be difficult for children to convince their parents or teachers that they are really sick, their attendance in school and academic achievement may suffer making it difficult to catch up and adding more undue stress to their lives.


– A migraine is a type of severe, incapacitating headache that can strike suddenly and often with accompanying symptoms of nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting.   They are often recurrent.

– About one out of every 10 kids, or nearly 8 million children in the United States alone are plagued by what has become the most common acute and recurrent headache pattern experienced by children today.

– Migraines may occur with or without aura and last in children from 30 minutes to 48 hours. (Migraine aura is the collective name given to the many types of neurological symptoms that may occur just before or during a migraine such as visual, sensory, motor or verbal disturbance.)

– Common precursors and symptoms of child migraine; cyclical vomiting, abdominal migraine pain, vertigo, and sensitivity to light.

-Approximately 20% of children with migraines have their first attack before the age of 5.

-Approximately 20% of adult migraine sufferers report onset before age 10.

-Migraines are more common in boys than girls until girls begin menstruation

– Migraine in children can differ from migraine in adults. Non-headache and neurological symptoms (aura) may be more prominent than the headache.

– Child Migraine is often underdiagnosed by doctors, possibly due to the prominence of non-headache symptoms

The Four Stages of Migraine Headaches

Migraines often progress through four stages. Your child may or may not have all four stages. And the stages may not be the same every time a migraine occurs.

  • Prodrome. In this early stage, your child may feel tired, uneasy, or moody. It may be hours or days before the headache pain begins.
  • Aura. Up to an hour before a migraine, your child may experience an aura (odd smells, sights, or sounds). This may include flashing lights, blind spots, other vision problems, confusion, or trouble speaking.
  • Headache. Your child has pain in one or both sides of the head. Your child may feel nauseated and have a strong sensitivity to light, sound, and odors. Vomiting and/or diarrhea may also occur. This stage can last anywhere from 48-72 hours.
  • Postdrome or recovery.  For about a day after the headache ends, your child may feel tired, achy, and exhausted.

What Causes Migraine Headaches?

It is not clear why migraines occur. If a family member has migraines, your child may be more likely to have them. Many people find that their migraines are set off by a “trigger.” Common migraine triggers include:

  • -Chemicals in certain foods and drinks, such as aged cheeses, luncheon meats, chocolate, coffee, sodas, foods containing MSG. etc.
  • -Chemicals in the air, such as tobacco smoke, perfume, glue, paint, or cleaning products
  • -Dehydration
  • -Not enough sleep
  • -Hormonal changes in the body during puberty
  • -Environmental factors, such as bright or flashing lights, hot sun, weather or air pressure changes

What Are the Symptoms of Migraine Headaches?

Your child may have some or all of the following symptoms:

  • -Pain, often severe, occurring in a specific area of the head (such as behind one eye)
  • -Aura (odd smells, sights, or sounds)
  • -Nausea and/or vomiting, or diarrhea
  • -Sensitivity to light or sound

How Are Migraine Headaches Prevented and Treated?

The goal is to try to stop a migraine headache in its early stages.

  • Work with your child to learn his or her triggers. Then, you can talk about ways to avoid these triggers when possible.
  • Have a nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), such as ibuprofen, available to your child at all times. This includes during school and after-school activities. If your child feels the prodrome or aura stage of migraine, he or she should take the NSAID right away. (Be sure your child follows the dosage instructions given by the health care provider.)

If your child’s headache pain has already started:

  • Give the child a dose of an NSAID  such as Ibuprofen
  • Have him or her lie down in a dark, quiet room.
  • Apply a cold compress over your child’s face and eyes (if your child wishes).
  • Have your child stay quiet and still until the pain goes away.

Call your child’s health care provider right away if your child has any of the following:

  • Fever and stiff neck with a headache
  • In an infant under 3 months old, a rectal temperature of 100.4°F (38.0°C) or higher
  • In a child 3 to 36 months, a rectal temperature of 102°F (39.0°C) or higher
  • In a child of any age who has a temperature of 103°F (39.4°C) or higher
  • A fever that lasts more than 24-hours in a child under 2 years old, or for 3 days in a child 2 years or older
  • A seizure caused by the fever
  • Headache pain that does not respond to NSAIDs
  • Headache pain that seems different or much worse than previous episodes
  • Headache upon awakening or in the middle of the night
  • Dizziness, clumsiness, or other changes with a headache
  • Migraines that happen more than once a week or suddenly increase in frequency


Why you should control your child’s migraines NOW rather than later:

Researchers are discovering “migraines beget migraines” – the more migraines one has, the greater the tendency for future migraines. Evidence shows an increased sensitivity after each successive attack, eventually leading to chronic daily migraines in some individuals. In order to avoid a lifetime of migraines, it is imperative to lower the frequency and intensity of migraines as soon as possible.

Bottle of Children's MigreLief
Why Children’s MigreLief should by your first choice:

Comprehensive Support for Neurological Health with a Proven Track Record

Formulated to address the problem, not just treat the pain, Migrelief is guaranteed to make a difference, whether your child’s migraines are classic, common, abdominal or complicated (basilar, hemiplegic, etc.)

MigreLief Benefits

-Longterm relief as opposed to temporary relief

-Safe and effective for children over the age of 2

-Two international patents have been granted the unique MigreLief formulation

-Recommended by pediatric neurologists

-NO harmful side-effect

-MigreLief’s Triple Therapy™ Ingredients: a vitamin, a mineral, and an herb (Magnesium, Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) and a proprietary form of the herb Feverfew) have been proven effective

-All 3 ingredients are listed in The American Academy of Neurology’s Guidelines for Migraine Prevention.

-Taken daily as a dietary supplement

-Formulated to address the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that can cause migraines and that many children sufferers have in common.

-Maintains the already normal cerebrovascular (blood vessels in the brain) tone and function your child has on migraine free days

-Used by thousands of children worldwide and hundreds of thousands of adults.

-Guaranteed to make a difference!

Note:  Children’s MigreLief  is safe and gentle for children ages 2-11 and Original MigreLief is for kids ages 12+  Either MigreLief may be crushed and taken with applesauce, yogurt etc. for those children who are unable to swallow caplets of any size.

MigreLief Migraine Prevention Coupon


April 1st, 2013




One of the hardest things for a parent to do is to see their child in pain. Yet every day millions of parents must watch helplessly as their children suffer from debilitating migraine attacks. About one out of every 10 kids, or nearly 8 million children in the United States alone are plagued by what has become the most common acute and recurrent headache pattern experienced by children today.


The under-use of migraine prevention was discussed in a recent (Nat’l Public Radio) article stating “Researchers are finding that “migraines beget migraines,” therefore the mandate for all patients is clear:  Reduce the number of migraines.”  Andrew Charles, director of UCLA’s Headache Research and Treatment Program, states it’s not clear why, but the “more migraines a patient gets, the more susceptible they become to having more,” adding that “there seems to be this sort of tipping point where patients go from having episodic headaches to having them really continuously and being in a state of constant sensory sensitivity.”  Charles and other researchers are investigating exactly why and how that “tipping point” occurs.


Be it supplement, OTC drug or prescription drug, Children’s MigreLief is the first and only natural preventive therapy developed specifically for children suffering from migraine headaches. These often incapacitating migraine headaches strike suddenly and often with accompanying symptoms of nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting. Until MigreLief, the only option available was the use of side-effect prone prescription medications and OTC drugs with the potential to cause more migraines known as rebound headaches.


Many chronic migraine sufferers resort to taking prescription medicines such as triptans when a migraine gets out of control. These medicines are abortive drugs used “acutely.”  This means you take them when you already have a migraine you hope to stop.  These drugs do not prevent migraines from occurring.

In fact, not only do they not prevent migraines, the general consensus amongst researchers and clinicians is that on-going regular use of triptan  increase the total number of migraines.   OTC drugs containing caffeine such as Excedrin Migraine (acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine) are also notorious for causing rebound headaches if taken too often.


It is far better to attack migraines at their source as opposed to treating the pain and other symptoms of migraines forever.  Migrelief was formulated to specifically address the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that often lead to dysfunctional brain processes, including platelet aggregation, changing veins, vasospasms, and the depletion of cellular energy production—all associated with chronic migraine headaches.

The alternative migraine treatments have the potential for significant side-effects in adults and not an option most parents would want to subject a child to.  Children’s MigreLief is the perfect solution…three trusted ingredients, all well known for their safety, efficacy and low side-effects to establish normal vascular function instead of a lifetime on pain killers and abortive drugs.

Magnesium (oxide & citrate) – 180 mg/day
Riboflavin (B-2) – 200 mg/day
Feverfew (Proprietary Puracol Feverfew-whole leaf and extract) – 50 mg/day

(SAFE FOR CHILDREN AGE 2 YEARS AND OLDER.  Contains no yeast, milk, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, sodium, salt, sugar, flavorings, preservatives, or artificial colors)


We understand that as a parent, you want, not only to have your child’s pain relieved, but you also do not want them to have anything that would further harm them. That’s the beauty the “Triple Therapy Approach” of MigreLief.  There are three well known natural prophylactic mechanisms of action working at the cellular level to solve the problem.

There are no specific side-effects associated with the ingredients in Children’s MigreLief and childhood use. Dietary supplements of any kind can cause gastrointestinal upset in susceptible users. With MigreLief, there also is no concern about drug interaction with any other medications a child might be taking.

As of this writing (July 2012), there are no medications for treating children’s migraines that are without major controversy, especially the class of medication known as Triptans. If you do your own research, you will see in journals where triptans (such as Children’s Imitrex) are being considered or even approved for children by the FDA, but you will find as many or more articles saying that triptans are in no way safe for children. The only medicine deemed “safe” for treating children’s migraines is ibuprofen. Anyone who has suffered a migraine will tell you that ibuprofen doesn’t begin to mitigate the pain, nor will it prevent future migraines.

Topamax (topiramate), the latest prophylactic medication being touted on the market to treat children’s migraines prophylactically (preventively) is an anti-convulsant used to control epilepsy and has also been promoted as a weight loss drug. This same drug has been shown in clinical trials to cause a full 27% of child test subjects to lose weight. Other side effects are known to be upper respiratory infection, anorexia, and paresthesia. These were the results of the only major clinical study conducted on topiramate for children. Outside of the general discussion of Topamax’s side effects, one source ( cited that side effects such as memory loss or difficulty concentrating make it difficult to tolerate Topamax. Such side effects could be devastating for a school student, especially if the child already suffers from ADHD.

Additionally, if the child is already being treated pharmacologically for ADHD, depression, anxiety, stress, anorexia, or anything requiring medication, adding yet another medication to those already stressing the child’s body is simply unsound at best, and life-threatening at worst. Combining other medications, especially antidepressants, with migraine medications such as those mentioned above can raise serotonin levels too much and result in serotonin syndrome. (Read more about this potentially dangerous drug combination)

According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Serotonin syndrome is a potentially life-threatening adverse drug reaction that may occur following therapeutic drug use, or as an inadvertent interaction between drugs.” Even a commonly used over-the-counter cough suppressant ingredient, dextromethorphan, combined with a migraine medication can cause serotonin syndrome.


None of these side effects are of concern with the nutritional dietary supplement MigreLief.  Formulated to addresses the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that many migraine sufferers have in common, the MigreLief alternative is far better than treating migraine symptoms and pain for a lifetime.


Children’s MigreLief is the perfect solution…a vitamin, a mineral and a plant, all well known for their safety, efficacy and low side-effects to establish normal vascular function instead of a lifetime on pain killers and abortive drugs.  All three ingredients are listed in the American Academy of Neurology’s Evidence Based Guidelines for Migraine Prevention


MigreLief Original Formula contains a patented “Triple Therapy” approach to reestablishing normal cerebrovascular tone and function that is disrupted in children who have migraines. Nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, and vasospasm can independently and together contribute to migraine occurrence, frequency and intensity. Children’s MigreLief contains the same “Triple Therapy” ingredients as MigreLief but with dosages and pill sizes adjusted to meet the needs of children.

MigreLief’s ingredients; Puracol, a proprietary blend of two unique feverfew sources, magnesium from two sources and high dose, highly absorbable riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) have all independently been shown to be of significant preventive benefit to chronic migraine sufferers.


The multi-patented combination of ingredients in MigreLief was formulated to correct the underlying dysfunctional processes in the brain that often lead to migraines once triggered. MigreLief helps to reestablish and maintain normal cerebrovascular function by addressing the nutritional deficiencies and imbalances often associated with migraines such as:

*Excessive Platelet Aggregation resulting in blood vessel changes.

*Decrease in the brain’s cellular energy reserves.  Cells lose energy production ability when the powerhouses of the cells (the mitochondria) become dysfunctional due to nutritional deficiencies.


Migrelief – Triple Therapy Ingredients:

Magnesium is a nutritional supplement with numerous effects that support cerebrovascular tone.

These include:

1) inhibition of platelet aggregation
2) interference with synthesis, release, and action of inflammatory mediators
3) direct alterations of cerebrovascular tone
4) inhibition of vasospasm
5) stabilization of cell membranes.

Some migraine sufferers with poor cerebrovascular tone have been found to have low brain levels of magnesium. Recommended daily dosages of magnesium typically range from 200 to 600 mg to compensate for this deficiency, far above what’s found in most multi-vitamins. Several double blind placebo controlled studies have demonstrated that oral magnesium can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches in both adults and children.

Riboflavin (vitamin B-2) is a precursor of flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD). This coenzyme is an important component of the electron-transport chain. A deficiency of mitrochondrial energy reserves has been observed in some persons exhibiting poor cerebrovascular tone. This defect may theoretically be corrected by a compound such as riboflavin that improves the activity of the electron-transport chain.

MigreLief provides 400mg of Riboflavin, which is significantly higher than most multi-vitamins or B-complex products. Multiple studies have demonstrated that high dose riboflavin can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines in both adults and children.

Puracol Feverfew
Commonly recommended for its ability to support cerebrovascular tone, feverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium) is rich in compounds known as sesquiterpene lactones. One of the more important of these compounds may be parthenolide, which represents 85% of the sesquiterpene lactone content in feverfew. Some scientific studies indicate that while parthenolide may be important there may very well be other phytochemicals in feverfew that are as of yet unidentified and play a role in its effectiveness.

Some studies of extracts of feverfew containing parthenolide yielded no significant benefits. This led researchers to believe that certain of the unidentified phytochemicals may have been left behind during the extraction process. The ideal solution would be a non-extracted feverfew product that naturally contained high levels of parthenolide and kept all of the other naturally occurring phytochemicals as well. For this reason Puracol Feverfew, AKESO HEALTH SCIENCE’S proprietary non extracted plant source for feverfew with high levels of naturally occurring parthenolide was developed. Puracol Feverfew is just one of the reasons for the superior efficacy of MigreLief, which delivers optimal dosages of parthenolide. Scientific studies have found parthenolide inhibits platelet aggregation and the release of serotonin from platelets and polymorphonuclear leukocyte granules.* It has also been shown to inhibit pro-inflammatory prostaglandin synthesis and the release of arachadonic acid. Each of these phenomena is associated with migraines. European studies have shown the benefits of feverfew on long-term cerebrovasular tone in multiple human studies.




If you are trying MigreLief for the first time we suggest giving it 3 months/90 days to build blood levels sufficient to address and correct the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that are common to many migraine sufferers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on Children’s MigreLief, visit  You may also ask questions of our MigreLief Health Advisor by clicking on the website link:  “Ask A Health Advisor”


We  are so confident MigreLief will make a huge difference in your child’s life, we offer a 100% money back guarantee of your purchase price if you are not satisfied for any reason after trying MigreLief for the recommended 90 days.  (see website for details).


Bottle Natural Children's Migraine Relief and PreventionCurt Hendrix on Children’s MigreLief:
“There is NOT one prescription drug approved by the FDA for use by children with migraines. The side-effects of these drugs are significant in adults and not an option most parents would want to subject a child to. Children’s MigreLief is the perfect solution… a vitamin, a mineral and a plant, all well known for their safety, efficacy and low side-effects to establish normal vascular function instead of a lifetime on pain killers and abortive drugs.”


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Act Now Before Your Menstrual Migraines Become Chronic Migraines

March 20th, 2013

Menstrual Migraine Relief & Menstrual Migraine PreventionMigraines that start around the menstrual cycle can often become chronic.  Don’t wait for that to happen.  Do not let menstrual migraines become chronic migraines! Studies show menstrual migraines are often more severe, last significantly longer, and are more resistant to treatment than usual non-menstrual migraines.  Medications that are currently on the market used to stop migraines can increase the frequency and tendency of migraine attacks, making sufferers more dependent on the medication.

Stopping menstrual migraines BEFORE they occur or reducing the frequency is imperative for restoring quality of life and for avoiding additional health problems.


Learn More About Menstrual Migraine

The quality of life for menstrual migraine sufferers is often significantly diminished, affecting education, careers and social activities. This can lead to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

 Menstrual related migraines are different than the usual non-menstrual Migraine attacks. According to a study published in the medical journal Cephalagia:

  • They are typically more severe, last significantly longer AND are more resistant to traditional treatments
  • An average menstrual migraine lasts nearly 23.4 hours compared to 16.1 hours for non-menstrual migraines
  • Menstrual migraines cause more disability and inability to function- interrupting daily responsibilities
  • Medications used to treat the pain are 50% less effective for menstrual migraines
  • Even when the pain medication did work, the risk of the menstrual migraine reoccurring was much more likely

When medications don’t work, or the OTC pain medications taken to treat the pain work only temporarily, patients take more drugs and get caught up in a vicious cycle of Medication Overuse Headaches (MOH). 


According to Stephen Silberstein, M.D., director of the Jefferson Headache Center, professor of neurology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and one of the most published migraine neurologists in the country, “One of the greatest bugaboos we see every day in headache centers is patients with chronic daily or near daily headaches, who are overusing mediation.  It is our most common problem.  These patients have often not responded to treatment and in an attempt to treat themselves, actually make the problem worse.  This is not addiction or an attempt to get “high”, rather, it is motivated by the patient’s desire to relieve pain and dysfunction.”  He added“Migraine prevention is grossly underused.”


Furthermore, according to Neurologist Jan Brandes, the founder of the Nashville Neuroscience Group, “We’ve begun to see from research that the frequency of migraine attack is linked to permanent changes in the brain, and I think that changes the playing field for patients and those taking care of them.  We really need to think carefully about how to control the frequency of attacks and really need to do it earlier rather than later.

Chronic migraines not only take you away from the life you love, they can lead to overuse of side-effect prone drugs, depression and an increased risk of stroke.

Prescription medications available to treat the pain of a migraine come with a long list of side effects with just some including:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased libido
  • Dizziness

These medications can often leave the sufferer just as unable to function as the pain of the menstrual migraine; therefore, PREVENTION is crucial.


Manage your migraines before they manage you!  

Thousands of women have taken their lives back with MigreLief. The ingredients in MigreLief+M have been CLINICALLY PROVEN to control fluctuating hormones, blood sugar swings and menstrual-related migraines.

Until MigreLief+M, no one medicine was available to manage both hormonal and blood sugar fluctuation and provide relief for all of the feminine related issues such as migraines, PMS & PCOS symptoms:


Cravings Bloating Depression Breast Pain Difficulty Concentrating
Irritability Weight Gain Acne Infertility Irregular Menstrual Cycles



Just a few of the unsolicited comments received from women, like you, who had been needlessly suffering each month but restored their quality of life through MigRelief+M include:


“It is an absolute lifesaver for me!  I recommend it to all of my friends who have migraines!  ~ Pam K (Facebook Fan) “I am ecstatic to report that I have been migraine free since I started using MigreLief last December.  Thanks for making such an outstanding product!”  ~ Michelle G. (Facebook Fan)


“I’ve been taking MigreLief for a little over a year now. I just wish I’d found it sooner. I’ve suffered with chronic migraines for 29 years my first being right after my youngest daughter was born. Last year it had gotten to the point I was having migraines that would last for days without end, and I nearly lost my job because of all the work I was missing. I heard about MigreLief from my Neurologist, decided to give it a try, and noticed a difference within the first 4 days. I hated the side effects from all the drugs my doctor had prescribed for me, and I still had migraines. I still occasionally get a migraine, but nothing compared to what I had been living with for so long. MigreLief has been a life saver for me. It gave me back my life. I love it and I recommend it to everyone who suffers with migraines. The best part is there aren’t any drugs involved.” ~Rita M. 


Take the first step in getting your life back NOW, don’t wait for the pain to return! MigreLief+M is your best option!


Menstrual Migraine treatment

RISK FREE OFFER:  We are so confident MigreLief+M will work for you, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you try it for 90 days (each bottle is a one month supply.)  Although many people have experienced positive results in much less time, we recommend 90 days to build blood levels for maximum effectiveness.  Nutritional deficiencies, inflammation and vasospasm can independently and together contribute to migraine occurrence, frequency and intensity.  MigreLief  is a “Triple Therapy” approach to maintaining normal cerebrovascular tone and function by addressing the underlying nutritional deficiencies, and imbalances many migraine sufferers have in common.


MigreLief Facts:

  1. Available in 3 formulas:  Original, Menstrual/Hormonal, Children’s
  2.  Recommended by Neurologists and other healthcare professionals
  3.  No harmful side-effects.
  4.  May be combined with all other migraine medications.
  5.  Empowering migraine sufferers worldwide since 1996
  6.  Formulated and patented by Scientist Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.
  7.  Named principal scientific investigator in multiple NIH (National Institutes of Health) governmental grants to study the effects of natural medicine on disease.


**DISCLAIMER: (MigreLief) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.


Migraines in Children Associated with Behavioral Problems

September 27th, 2012

A recently published article in the journal Cephalagia found that children, who suffer from migraines and tension headaches, are much more likely to experience social issues, attention issues, depression and anxiety than children who do not.

The researchers examined the connection between migraines and tension type headaches and behavioral/emotional issues in almost 1,900 children between the ages of 5-11.

The results indicated that as the number of migraines a child experienced increased, the severity of the emotional issues increased. The children with the tension type headaches also showed similar issues, but they were not as severe.

Other published research supports these findings. Since the severity of the behavioral/emotional issues increased with the number of migraines experienced, it is logical that for children experiencing frequent migraines, parents and physicians should seek low side effect options to prevent and/or decrease as many migraines as possible.

Fortunately there is a proven effective alternative to children suffering a lifetime of migraine pain and abortive – pain relieving medications.

If you are not already familiar with Children’s MigreLief,  please visit or read the following more in depth article on Children and Migraines:  Lifelong Migraine Prevention and Relief

A more indepth article on Children’s Migraine Prevetnion

To the Best of Health,


Curt Hendrix M.S. C.C.N. C.N.S.

Chief Science Officer of Akeso Health Science LLC /MigreLief

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[Study] Link Between Children Migraine and Depression

July 4th, 2012


One out of 4 children will have complained of headache pain before the age of 15.  Parents often dismiss headache complaints by children, or merely address the problem with a painkiller and a nap, not knowing their child may be on a path to a lifetime of suffering migraines.

Childhood migraines are often different than adult migraines. While adult migraines often last four hours or more, and settle on one side of the head, in a child,  a migraine may last for as little as one hour up to 72 hours and the pain is often felt across the front of the forehead or on both temples rather than on just one side.

As a result, childhood migraines are often dismissed as sinus headaches.  Some pediatric migraines don’t involve headache pain at all.  Instead, the child may have abdominal pain, vomiting or feelings of vertigo.

If a child is suffering headaches, parents should be on the look out for signs of migraine and also signs of depression as the two continue to be linked by scientific studies.

If you have a child suffering migraines, below is an article well worth reading posted earlier (2009) on the website Health24.  Following the article will be a list of migraine and depression symptoms.

Migraines Linked to Depression in Children
March  3, 2009 – Health24

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the USA has published new data that proves a link between children suffering from migraine and emotional disorders like depression. According to the study, “children suffering from migraines are at risk of developing emotional and behavioural problems such as depression and anxiety”.

The study, published in the latest edition of the medical journal Headache, tested child functioning with comparison to children who are not experiencing headaches or migraines. The results showed that children suffering from migraines were “demonstrating significant elevations in total behaviour problems and internalizing symptoms, including somatic complaints, anxiety and depression, and aggressive behaviour”.

According to Dr Elliot Shevel, South Africa’s migraine surgery pioneer, it is vital that parents do not dismiss headache complaints in children without proper investigation.

“Young children believe everything the parent says.” stated Shevel. “If you tell your child ‘you’re just making this up’ your child will believe you and start internalizing self blame. Internalizing this self blame for a medical condition over which the child has no control has been shown to cause serious psychological and emotional problems for the child.”

There is therefore a great deal of concern regarding the emotional–wellbeing of children with migraine, as these disturbances can result in children being misdiagnosed with depression, without proper treatment of their headache or migraine problem.

Headaches affect children’s lives
This new ground breaking study was a result of numerous calls made by the international headache community for rigorous research to help clarify the association of pediatric migraine with emotional and behavioural outcomes. The study is ground breaking in this respect as the data was verified by the use of a control group of families recruited from among class mates of the children suffering with migraines.

In an interview from Berlin where he is conducting research Shevel stated that “The prevalence of paediatric headache was determined in a study published in the British Medical Journal in 1994. According to the statistics about 10% of children suffer with headaches that seriously affect the quality of their lives.

“This new research is also a multi-centre study,” states Shevel “which means that data was collected simultaneously from three leading children’s hospitals across the USA. So the data is incredibly robust and reliable.

“Self reporting by the child was tabled against data collected from both parents.” explains Shevel further. This was another essential breakthrough in the research, as according to the study “children coping with chronic health conditions may be reluctant to acknowledge or disclose emotional distress”.

Long-term damage if not treated
“We’re relieved that after 16 years treating children with migraine at The Headache Clinic our experience of the psychological consequences of the condition has been validated by the contents of this powerful research. Parents who do not take children’s headache and migraine complaints seriously risk causing long term emotional damage to their child. Parents must remember that children suffer just as severely as adults if they are afflicted with this condition.”



Migraines can cause:

  • Head pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to light and sound

Cоmpаrablе to the сlаssіс migrаinеs іn аdults, сhildrеn саn alѕo experienсе mild tо ѕeverе dіsсоmfоrt or рaіn in thе еye arеa, tеmpleѕ and forehead.The aсutenesѕ оf рaіn сan differ as well. It іs іmрeratіve tо loоk for signѕ оf paіn lіke іrritabіlіty, uncontrоllаble сryіng, facіal grimaсіng аnd frоwning


The symptoms of depression in children vary. It is often undiagnosed and untreated because they are passed off as normal emotional and psychological changes that occur during growth. Early medical studies focused on “masked” depression, where a child’s depressed mood was evidenced by acting out or angry behavior. While this does occur, particularly in younger children, many children display sadness or low mood similar to adults who are depressed. The primary symptoms of depression revolve around sadness, a feeling of hopelessness, and mood changes.


  • Irritability or anger.
  • Continuous feelings of sadness, hopelessness.
  • Social withdrawal.
  • Increased sensitivity to rejection.
  • Changes in appetite — either increased or decreased.
  • Changes in sleep — sleeplessness or excessive sleep.
  • Vocal outbursts or crying.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Fatigue and low energy.
  • Physical complaints (such as stomachaches, headachesat do not respond to treatment
  • Reduced ability to function during events and activities at home or with friends, in school, extracurricular activities, and in other hobbies or interests.
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt.
  • Impaired thinking or concentration.
  • Thoughts of death or suicide.

Not all children have all of these symptoms. In fact, most will display different symptoms at different times and in different settings. Although some children may continue to function reasonably well in structured environments, most kids with significant depression will suffer a noticeable change in social activities, loss of interest in school and poor academic performance, or a change in appearance. Children may also begin using drugs or alcohol, especially if they are over the age of 12.

Childhood depression is different from the normal “blues” and everyday emotions that occur as a child develops. Just because a child seems sad, this does not necessarily mean he or she has significant depression.  If the sadness becomes persistent, or if disruptive behavior that interferes with normal social activities, interests, schoolwork, or family life develops, it may indicate that he or she has a depressive illness.

Preventing migraines in children, is by far the best option and preferable to treating the pain and other migraine symptoms for a lifetime.  For information on doctor recommended, all natural, safe migraine prevention for adults and children, visit


“A VITAMIN, A MINERAL AND A PLANT!”  MigreLief has been safely addressing children’s Migraines, age 2 or above, for 15 years (1996).  It is one of the only safe preventive options to children and the best alternative to side-effect prone prescription drugs.


This natural dietary supplement contains a patented “Triple Therapy” approach to reestablishing normal cerebrovascular tone and function which is disrupted in children who have migraines.

Nutritional deficiencies, inflammation and vasospasm can independently and together contribute to migraine occurrence, frequency and intensity. Children’s MigreLief offers the parents of children who suffer from migraines a safe nutritional option, with none of the potentially disruptive side-effects of prescription drugs, to maintain normal cerebrovascular tone and function in their children.

Puracol, MigreLief’s proprietary blend of two unique feverfew sources, magnesium from two sources and high dose, highly absorbable riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) have all independently been shown to be of significant therapeutic benefit to chronic migraine sufferers.

“Riboflavin is a well-tolerated, effective, and low-cost prophylactic treatment in children and adolescents suffering from migraine.” – from a study posted in The National Journal of Headache Pain”

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December 23rd, 2011

It is difficult enough for children to perform academically at acceptable levels in school. The last thing they need is the pain of headaches and migraines to decrease their ability to pay attention and learn.

However this is exactly what happens to them according to a study done in Milan, Italy and published in the journal “Headache”.

The researchers compared 14 children who had migraines with aura, 29 who had migraines without aura and 19 with tension type headaches versus 52 children without headache that were matched for age, sex and intelligence.

Upon analyzing the data the researchers found that regardless of the type of headache they had, the children in the headache group had problems paying attention when compared to the non-headache children. The researchers stated that this could lead to long term negative impact on learning and academic performance.

Loading these children up with pain fighting medications, many of which have undesirable side-effects, is not the answer to helping these children. Preventing the migraines from occurring at all or significantly reducing the number and intensity of migraines, is clearly the first choice for parents who are trying to figure out what to do.

The natural, safe and mild option of original MigreLief, for children 12 and above and Children’s MigreLief for children ages 2-11 is the answer. For more information, please go to
Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.