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2 Options for Children Age 2+ with Migraines or Headaches

December 19th, 2016


Help for Kids with HeadachesKeep it Simple – A Common Sense Approach to Migraines, Chronic OR Episodic.
Giving your child a great start in life is not easy with migraines disrupting their progress at every turn.  It’s time to empower your kids with the best nutritional support you can and that’s where we come in.  MigreLief Original Formula (ages 12-adult) and Children’s MigreLief (age 2 to 11) are patented non-prescription formulas that have been addressing migraines nutritionally for almost 20 years and making a big difference in the lives of kids and adults worldwide.

Kids do not have a lot of options when it comes to migraines.  Chronic use of many over-the-counter drugs and the associated negative health risks are not safe for adults much less children… so what can a parent do?  It’s easy as 1-2-3.

Recommended by leading headache specialists, neurologists and other healthcare professionals, MigreLief has created two types of drug-free formulas – one for daily maintenance, and one for on-the-spot help when kids need it most (MigreLief-NOW). MigreLief has given many young migraineurs, and their parents, back their lives.

  1. Select Children’s MigreLief daily maintenance formula, and take daily:  Our daily maintenance formulas have been known to show positive benefits in under 3 weeks but they must be taken for 90 days as they continue to build in effectiveness. By the 90th day you will know how well it will work for your child (or yourself if you have migraines too).   Select one of the 3 maintenance formulas and take 2 tablets daily: MigreLief Original, Children’s MigreLief  (age 2+) or MigreLief+M (menstrual migraines).
  2. Take MigreLief-NOW (acute supplement for age 2 – adult) when needed, for extra help during difficult times.
    Our fast-acting MigreLief-NOW should be kept on hand and taken at the first sign of discomfort for fast-acting help.  The dose for kids is HALF of the adult dose that’s stated on the bottle.  Can’t Swallow Pills? – That’s Okay!   MigreLief can be crushed and mixed with food such as applesauce, yogurt, etc. for children who have trouble swallowing caplets.  MigreLief-NOW is a capsule and can be opened and sprinkled on food for children as well.
  3. Be sure to let us know how well you’re doing at HealthAdvisor@MigreLief.com or feel free to ask any questions. Purchasing tips… if you’re a first time MigreLief purchaser, MigreLief-Starter Kits are our best deal and includes 3 bottles (3 month supply) of any daily formula at a discounted price + a free travel size of MigreLief-NOW our fast-acting acute formula.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive migraine news and updates, plus MigreLief coupons when available.
  4. Money Back Guarantee – We are confident MigreLief will work for you and offer a money-back guarantee.  Try MigreLief for 3 months and whether you buy all 3 bottles at once or one at a time, we will return your purchase price if you are not satisfied with MigreLief for any reason.  90 days is a sufficient time for MigreLief to address the nutritional deficiencies and imbalances many migraine experience.

We are thrilled you are taking this first step… you and your child will be too!
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The Man Behind Popular MIGRAINE HEADACHE Supplement “MIGRELIEF” – Making a Difference in the Lives of Migraine Sufferers Worldwide for over 20 years

January 1st, 2016

Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S. Curt Hendrix, M.S, C.C.N, C.N.S, is the Chief Science Officer for Akeso Health Sciences, the manufacturer of the highly successful, comprehensive migraine prevention supplement “MigreLief Triple Therapy with Puracol” for which he is best known.  Multi-patented MigreLief was made available to the public in 1996, and is a 100% drug-free dietary supplement formulated for long term migraine relief and the prevention of chronic migraines.  Curt is dedicated to the research and development of natural medicines for specific medical conditions, and innovative leading edge solutions for migraine sufferers worldwide.

Curt has been named as the Principal Scientific Investigator in multiple National Institutes of Health (NIH) governmental grants studying the benefits of natural medicines on disease.

He is currently working under an NIH grant and as principal investigator for research and development of his all-natural combination drug for arresting the development of Alzheimer’s disease.


Considered a foremost authority on nutritional applications of herbal and natural medicine (based on scientific application) Curt’s unique combination of education, training and experience in chemistry, medicine, nutrition, the supplement industry, NIH sponsored research and pharmaceutical drug development, generates a perspective leading to an intimate understanding of the workings of the human body.

Curt has spent the last several decades researching and archiving the potential benefits, effects and mechanisms of literally thousands of naturally occurring compounds (plants, amino acids, vitamins/minerals and their metabolites and other nutrients and supplements).  His efforts in developing “natural-based” medicines led to his creating disease specific monographs in areas such as Migraine, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Depression and more, approved for Continuing Education credits for physician license renewal.


Involved in many cutting edge research projects, Curt is also Chief Science Officer for a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company, Concourse Health Sciences.  At Concourse, he is in charge of formulation and development of new drugs derived or based upon naturally occurring compounds.  He is currently working on “safer-medicines” for cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, endometriosis, hepatic encephalopathy, weight loss, diabetes and interstitial cystitis.

After spending two years in a physical chemistry PhD program at the City University of New York, Curt obtained a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. He is board certified both in clinical nutrition (CCN) and as a nutrition specialist (CNS) from the American Academy of Nutrition.

His extensive research, knowledge and expertise has also led to the formulation and manufacturing of various natural supplements for specific medical conditions where current prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are sub-optimal.  Some of these supplements and drugs are currently available to the public, others are pending release. He holds many U.S. patents with additional patents pending.  His supplements have been proven effective by extensive research and monitored by an excellent quality control system.


Curt has spent many years of his studies and research trying to identify a “unifying” theory of aging and the chronic degenerative disease with which it is associated – Alzheimer’s.  In 2006 he was named as the principal investigator of an United States NIH sponsored grant to study the effects of a combination drug of naturally occurring compounds on the progression of Alzheimer’s in transgenic mice. This research was done in conjunction with the University of California, Irvine. The results of this study, soon to be published, demonstrated the ability of the combination to completely arrest the cognitive decline normally seen in this mouse model.  In addition, the combination drug significantly decreased the pathophysiology normally seen in the brains of these mice. In fact, normal mice that received the combination were “smarter” than normal mice who were just given regular mouse chow.  In 2009 he again was appointed principal scientific investigator of a NIH sponsored grant to continue his ground breaking work on arresting the development of Alzheimer’s disease.



Curt Hendrix at Primed Convention 2012 explaining the science behind MigreLief to physiciansDeveloping safer medicines and leading edge solutions to combat disease keeps Curt busy but he still finds time to travel throughout the USA, sharing the science behind MigreLief that made it the definitive leader in nature-based drug-free migraine control, and a trusted valuable migraine prophylactic tool of health care professionals and patients alike.


CREATING MIGRELIEF – a personal note

I understand the impact that migraines have on the life of a sufferer, their friends and loved ones.  For the past 27 years I lived with the pain, worry and fear that migraine attacks bring on. When my wife was an adolescent, she hit her head on the windshield of the car during an automobile accident. From that day on, chronic, painful migraines were a consistent part of her life. We spent years hoping that each migraine would not progress and lead to another trip to the emergency room for a shot of morphine and other very powerful drugs we desperately wanted to avoid.

Even the prescription drugs that my wife’s headache specialists recommended had significant side effects. They would sometimes help the migraine pain to diminish or resolve only to find that her migraine would come back in a day or two.  The more medication she used for migraines, the more rebound headaches she would have, creating a vicious cycle of prescription drug use.  I found that unacceptable, so being a chemist and researcher I learned everything I could about migraines hoping I could help my wife avoid a lifetime of merely treating the pain with side-effect prone drugs.

The result of this research was my formulating and receiving two United States patents for a combination of three naturally occurring ingredients found in MigreLief that have since helped tens of thousands of migraine sufferers avoid a multitude of migraines over the past 20 years.

Over the years, I have been thrilled to know that MigreLief was the one therapy that made the difference in the lives of countless sufferers and I never get tired of reading the heart-warming success stories from long time sufferers or receiving great feedback from health care professionals.  This inspires all of us at Akeso Health Sciences, a family owned company, to work diligently to inform the world of this great alternative to suffering a lifetime of pain.


Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.


UPDATE: In addition to MigreLief’s three daily formulas designed for long-term maintenance of chronic migraines, we’re delighted to offer MigreLief-NOW – a fast-acting drug-free rescue formula. Select the daily formula that fits your needs, and keep MigreLief-NOW on hand for those days when you need help fast.


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“Migrelief is something EVERY migraine sufferer should check into and use!!  48 years of constant migraines has ended because of MigreLief” ~ Jim H.  (July 2012 Facebook post)


bottle children's 141x211CURT HENDRIX on CHILDREN’S MIGRELIEF:

“There is NOT one prescription drug approved by the FDA for use by children with migraines. The side-effects of these drugs are significant in adults and not an option most parents would want to subject a child to. Children’s MigreLief is the perfect solution… a vitamin, a mineral and a plant, all well known for their safety, efficacy and low side-effects to establish normal vascular function instead of a lifetime on pain killers and abortive drugs.”


CURT HENDRIX on MIGRELIEF +M (menstrual-hormonal formula)bottle M 141

“MigreLief+M is the first of its kind supplement aimed at preventing migraines and other symptoms associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle.  There is a direct relationship between hormones and headaches.  Headaches in women, particularly migraines, have been related to changes in the levels of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone before, during and after a woman’s menstrual cycle. These hormone levels fluctuate dramatically and are associated with a large percentage of migraines in women.”









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